søndag den 10. juni 2007

Pictures of fake SM57

I hope these pictures will come in handy to anyone having doubts about the origin of their new-bought SM57.

I've taken some photos of my fake SM57 and a real one. Notice the housing of the fake SM57 compared to the real SM57.
Below is the real SM57 (made in Mexico)

I had this answer from an engineer from Shure when I showed them the pictures:
" Response (Jim Rice)
06/11/2007 07:53 AM
The wiring does not look like ours.
Always purchase Shure product from an authorized Shure dealer."

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6 kommentarer:

Anonym sagde ...


Are these the fake heads? I Have have bought one that according to your post is original but I think that the mic´s head have been replaced by a fake one. Thank you for putting up this blog. Bruno V.

Simon Brinkmann Andersen sagde ...

Bruno, I've added the only picture I had of the head of a fake mic. Though, to me, it seems pretty difficult to tell from the head only. Maybe you'll need to take a look at the capsules also. If so, please send me the photos, so I can add them if they turn out to be fake. Simon

Anonym sagde ...

Could you post some original head´s photos, please? Thank you. Bruno V.

marcio sagde ...

Thank you man!!!

Anonym sagde ...

This is very helpful. It looks like the easiest to spot difference is the body neare the connection. There is an extra hole in the body of the fake SM57. Thanks!

Simon Brinkmann Andersen sagde ...

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